Your life isn’t cookie-cutter, so why should your training be? BRX Performance is a sports performance facility that specializes in individualized strength and conditioning programs that are tailored to your unique needs, sport, goals, and the findings of our 1-on-1 assessment. Frankly, it’s no secret why our athletes are achieving incredible results. Here’s how it works. Following an initial 1-on-1 meeting, athletes train in our semi-private training environment with a maximum 6-to-1 athlete to trainer ratio. At BRX, we don’t believe in everyone doing the same thing and expecting results. Instead, athletes train on their own individualized program at their own pace with our staff instructing, monitoring exercise from, and answering questions.

Elite Softball/Baseball Training in Milwaukee

We are fortunate to have a number of former baseball and softball players on staff who exceeded at the highest level. Now, they’re bringing their expertise to BRX Performance. No other facility in the area understands how to bridge the gap between the weight room and the field. Contrary to popular belief, improving your game isn’t just about getting stronger and faster. Rather, taking your game to new heights is about becoming more flexible, agile, explosive, and powerful. That’s why our baseball and softball programs place such an emphasis on mobility and movement.

Remote Training

Our services aren’t just limited to the Milwaukee area. At BRX Performance, we offer remote/distance-based programs to deliver a customized training program for those who may not be able to make it to our facility regularly. The remote training includes access to a comprehensive video database of more than 400 exercises with a tutorial/demonstration for each. Clients essentially receive a virtual trainer at their fingertips with the simple touch of a button.

Adult Fitness

With all of the strength training facilities and workouts available today, how do we separate ourselves? Well, similar to our athlete training programs, our performance specialists will create an individualized strategy to fit your needs and goals. Plus, the environment at BRX Performance is anything but intimidating. Our clients come in wanting to feel, move, and look better, and having fun doing it.

Keep in mind that our adult fitness programs begin with a joint-by-joint assessment that allows us to come up with a plan. Should you be dealing with knee, back, or neck pain, we can refer you to professionals who can help. These semi-private training settings are centered around you, so there’s no time restriction on workouts. Plus, it’s 95 percent of what you get out of a 1-on-1 session at a third of the cost.

What’s stopping you from unlocking your full potential? Sometimes, the work ethic isn’t the issue. In a world where everyone is truly unique, it’s no wonder that “one size fits all” programs fail to get results. If you’re looking to get strong, stay healthy, and outperform the competition, then you’ve got to check out the BRX difference.

Contact us today to schedule your assessment and find the blueprint to maximizing your body’s performance.