Although BRX is home to athletes of all sports, we’re known as the baseball and softball strength specialists, and for good reason. You won’t find a performance facility that understands how to bridge the gap between the weight room and the unique demands of overhead athletes quite like BRX. Becoming a better baseball or softball player is not only about getting stronger; it’s about becoming more flexible, agile, powerful, and explosive. BRX baseball training programs are comprehensive and individualized to each athlete’s goals and the findings of our initial mobility and movement assessment.

“Choosing to train with BRX may be the best decision I ever make for my baseball career…Before BRX, I would pitch at 92-94 mph – after my first offseason of training with BRX, I touched 100 mph in a spring training game and comfortably pitched at 95-97 mph the entire six month season…I could not be more confident that BRX is helping me separate myself by providing me the tools towards more velocity, consistency, and health throughout the season.”

Ben Heller

New York Yankees RHP, 100mph thrower


Joe Acker
(Nebraska OF)
Improved his 60 yard dash from 6.96 to 6.57 and top OF velocity from 90mph to 97mph. Received an offer from Nebraska and committed soon after.

Ben Heller
(New York Yankees RHP)
Improved fastball from 92-94 to 95-98 and touching 100 MPH in one offseason

Hailey Crabtree
(Loyola University Recruit)

Improved throwing velocity from 55 MPH to 64 MPH

Justin Stollberg
(Saint Louis Univeristy LHP)
Improved fastball from 85-86 to 92-94 MPH and 102 MPH on a pulldown

Peter Ahn
(Michigan State Recruit)
Increased 60-yard dash from 7.21sec to 6.59sec, infield velocity from 75 MPH to 82 MPH, and exit velocity from 74 MPH to 86 MPH.

Christina Paleka
(Catholic Central INF)
Improved throwing velocity from 54 MPH to 62 MPH

Max Alba
(Franklin HS RHP)
Improved fastball from 82-84 to 89-93 MPH and PBR national ranking from #141 to #49 from Sophomore to Junior year

Jim Jarecki
(Bradley U RHP)
80-82 to 86-89 MPH in two months; went from unrecruited to committing to Bradley

Zach Lutz
(Hartford HS LHP/OF)
Improved 60-yard dash from 7.21 to 6.69 and pitching velocity from 70-73 to 80-84 MPH

Connor Kimple
(Oklahoma St OF)
Increased top OF velocity from 91 MPH to 94 MPH after his first session (utilized new mobility drills before his next time throwing) and 60 yard dash from 6.73sec to 6.49sec in one offseason


Want to train with BRX but you’re not from the Milwaukee area? No problem. BRX offers remote/distance-based programs to deliver an individualized training program to someone who may not be able to make it into our facility on a regular schedule. This includes access to a comprehensive online video database of our 400+ exercises with a tutorial and demonstration for each – a “virtual trainer” at your fingertips with the touch of a button. For more information on this option, check out our Remote Training page.

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