1. 3 Arm Care Drills that Helped a Yankee Throw 100 MPH

    When I introduced you to Ben Heller and his incredible story, I discussed three things that helped him improve his fastball from 92-94 MPH to 95-98 and touching 100 MPH: The Side-lying Windmill, a thoracic spine (upper back) mobility drill The Kneeling Band Shoulder ER, a rotator cuff strength drill…Read More

  2. 3 Months of BRX Training >>> $112,000 Baseball Scholarship

    BRX is about finding your baseball potential from deep within that no one else sees besides yourself.  This is why I want to dig a little deeper into the story of our client who turned himself from an unrecruited senior into a top prospect within a matter of three months. Jim Jarecki was a right-ha…Read More

  3. 3 Things that Helped Ben Heller Throw 100 MPH

    One of our clients at BRX Performance, Ben Heller, is a professional pitcher on the New York Yankees. In 2014, his second year in the Cleveland Indians minor league system, his fastball sat around 92-94 mph. After the season, he spent the entire offseason working with BRX. We received the following …Read More