Want to train with BRX but you’re not from the Milwaukee area? No problem. BRX offers remote/distance-based programs to deliver an individualized athlete training program to someone who may not be able to make it into our facility on a regular schedule. This includes access to a comprehensive online video database of our 400+ exercises with a tutorial and demonstration for each – a “virtual trainer” at your fingertips with the touch of a button. Here are a couple examples:

Medicine Ball Scoop Toss

Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat

What We’ll Need

  • A video sent of you completing a series of BRX assessment tests for us to gain an understanding of the way your body works, risk factors for injury, and windows for improvement
  • A list of what equipment you have access to
  • Goals, background information, injury history, training experience, etc

What You’ll Get

•  4x/week training program (16 training sessions to be completed throughout the month)

  •  Mobility protocol
  •  Speed & power exercises
  •  Strength & arm care exercises
  •  BRX nutrition information

•  Access to our comprehensive online video database with demonstrations, tutorials, etc for each exercise (see above videos for an example)

•  15 minute FaceTime/Skype meeting each month to go over any questions

•  24 hour email response